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10:49 PM , Tuesday 26th September 2017

Thermal Testing Method

Training Course Syllabus

acc. to SNT-TC-1A Time Schedule: Level I 4 days Level II 5 days Presentations: (in-house) Text Book: Infrared and Thermal Testing Method (IR) ASNT Study Guide; ISBN: 1-57117-015-4; 99p Standards: [1] ASTM E1316 “Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations”; 38p [2] ASTM E 1543, Standard Test Method for Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference of Thermal Imaging Systems. [3] ASTM E 1933, Standard Test Methods for Measuring and Compensating for Emissivity Using Infrared Imaging Radiometers. [4] ASTM E 1934, Standard Guide for Examining Electrical and Mechanical Equipment with Infrared Thermography. References: Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Third Edition: Volume 3, Infrared and Thermal Testing (IR) ASNT; ISBN: 1-57117-044-8; 732 p

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