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11:08 PM , Tuesday 26th September 2017

Paediatric First Aid and Managing Illness & Injury

The HABC Level 2 International Award in Pediatric First Aid and Managing Illness & Injury is a qualification developed by HABC, the Middle East’s leading supplier of compliance-based
qualifications. The qualification has been designed with sector experts specifically for international learners who wish to become pediatric first aiders. It has taken into account recognized best-practice principles of pediatric first aid and covers areas such as understanding the role of a pediatric first aider; being able to assess an emergency situation; and providing first aid to a child or infant who has a suspected fracture. The qualification provides an excellent basis for international learners who may wish to undertake further first aid qualifications.

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

The qualification will usually take 2 days to complete at any approved HABC International centre. There are 12 contact hours required with a tutor.

How is the qualification assessed?

Learners must be able to carry our practical demonstrations
of first aid.

What next?

On completion of this qualification, learners may take other HABC international first aid qualifications, such as the Level 2 International Award in Emergency First Aid at Work.

Where can this course be taken?

At all approved HABC International centers.

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