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10:58 PM , Tuesday 26th September 2017

Level 1 Award in Fire Safety Awareness (QCF)

This qualification is aimed at all staff, particularly new starters in any workplace, where a basic understanding of fire safety is required. Learners gaining this qualification will know that fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace and will recognize the contribution they have in preventing the starting and spread of fires.

The qualification can be taken as stand-alone or as part of a wider program of training, is available to learners aged 14+ and has one mandatory unit to complete.

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

Delivery is likely to be completed within one-day and learners will then
undertake their assessment.

How is the qualification assessed?

It is assessed by a multiple-choice examination, where the candidate must answer at least 10 out of 15 questions correctly. The examination will take a maximum of 30 minutes to complete.

What next?

Learners successfully completing this qualification may wish to progress onto further qualifications, such as:

  1. HABC Level 2 Award in Fire Safety (QCF).
  2. Further qualifications within the risk assessment and health and safety sector.
Where can this course be taken?

Through any HABC approved training center.

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