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11:03 PM , Tuesday 26th September 2017

ET – Eddy Current

It is suitable for inspection of metallic object. The equipment is similar to UT one in the mean of its complexity. The application is easier and more handy, as there is not any couplant between our probe and the object surface. However, the inspected volume is limited to the surface and a near-to-surface layer.
A typical application is an investigation of manufactured tube integrity (a whole object is going through a coil) including welded tubes and their leak-tightness approval. A specific application with inner coil is an inspection of heat exchanger tubing. The basic application is scanning of critical areas of operated structure for expected fatigue damage (0.2 mm crack can be reliably detected). We can also measure sheet thickness (up to several mm), cladding thickness (e.g. pure aluminium on aluminium alloy), protective coating (painting) thickness etc. A material sorting is also very popular; even a correct heat treatment can be witnessed.


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